We bring a passion about your company to candidates.

Anyone can recruit, but what sets Dulles Consulting apart?  Our technical expertise in the technology industry allows us to deliver highly qualified candidates faster - IT professionals, consultants, and executives.
The success of the Dulles Consulting winning strategy shows in the number of our repeat customers, as well as the referrals we have earned.

We become familiar with your technical environment, your business applications, your customers, and we learn the personality of your existing teams.  This allows us to 'laser in' on the right talent for your team and provide you with candidates that fit your organization with their technical skills and their work style.  We bring a passion about your company to the candidates.

By the time a candidate has an interview, that person has a good understanding of what your company offers, and walks through your doors excited about the opportunity.

Our   winning strategy

Our strategy is to partner with you and become a seamless extension of your firm, rather than a separate entity:

* We gain an intimate understanding of your business


* We maintain close communication with you


* We focus on finding the right candidate for your position


* We sell the candidate on the position and your company

Operational Benefits you gain from working with us

We understand the time and cost pressures you encounter when trying to find candidates. 

We remove these pressures by providing:

* Shorter Time-To-Fill
 * Reduced Cost-Per-Hire
 * Increased Retention

We also offer:
* Competitive intelligence and analysis
* Salary negotiation
* Reference checks
* Benefits education for the candidate

Dulles Consulting understands the intangibles that make a candidate stand out as an excellent pick for our client's teams. 


One of the most valuable deliverables we provide is a Candidate Profile.  This Profile contains information about the candidate's technical skills, as well as information that isn't found on a candidate's resume - the intangibles.  We provide our expert analysis of the candidate's potential fit for a position in your organization.