Tired of being just a number in the pool of

professionals looking for a job?

Have you had the unfortunate experience of being bait-and-switched between positions, or working with recruiters who don't have a clue about technology or their clients?  We don't work that way, and we don't want our candidates to experience it either.

Dulles Consulting listens to our candidates to learn what you're looking for in your next career move.  We find an opportunity that matches with your skills, and provide you with serious intel about the company and position you are interviewing for - the company's business, their technical environment, philosophy, work personality, and team structure - the intangibles.  This information gives you a true feel for what you will walk into as you interview and begin a new position.  We tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly, so you can make the right decision for yourself, your career, and your family.

Dulles Consulting offers opportunities for full-time permanent positions, as well as contract and temp-to-perm situations.